T piece quick coupling, thread size 3/8"-19, 2 male + 1 female. 01304

T piece quick coupling, thread size 3/8"-19, 2 male + 1 female. 01304

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T piece quick coupling, 1 female and 2 male connections - 01304

Suitable for all yellow and turqouise hydraulic cylinders ans hydraulic pumps in our shop. Additionally, there are extension hoses, connection hoses and other quick couplings available in our shop. So you can extend hoses to e.g. connect more than one cylinder to a pump.


Technical data:

Connection thread of the T-piece: 3 x 3/8"-19 internal thread

There are three quick coupling screwed into these threads as seen in the picture

In the additional product picture, the connections of pump and cylinder are displayed. The matching cylinders/pumps from our product range (always yellow/turquoise) have the same small image in their product picture. This way the matching cylinders/pumps are easily recognisable.


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