30t telescope cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, short stroke cylinder, stroke 53mm, 00066

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Hydraulic cylinder with 30t lifting capacity: HZ 30-63-53-telescope - 00066

This hydraulic cylinder is suitable e.g. for lifting and alignment of very heavy loads at limited space settings.
Hydraulic pump not included.
In the small image placed on the upper left corner of the product picture, the pressure connections of pump and cylinder are displayed. The matching pumps from our product range (always yellow or turquoise) have the same small image in their product picture. This way the matching pumps are easily recognisable.


Technical data:

Max. lifting capacity: 30t

Min. height:               63 mm

Stroke:                      53 mm

Dimensions:              115 mm x 95 mm

Piston diameter:        66 mm, 44 mm and 26 mm

Housing lacquered yellow or turquoise


Shipping weight: 5.5 kg


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